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All interested in the question – what the girls working in an escort. The answer is simple as ABC. Escort girls – this is 90% of the workers modeling agencies.

Thought they earn at shows and presentations? Of course not! If they are there and earn – it is a mere penny, which is not even enough for good food, not to mention the beautiful life.

Generally, in the modern world escort so common that they deal with presenters, participants of the reality show, top models. Here they are you escort girls. Happy face earn reputation, and in the evening and at night their money in other places, but also the face, too, but rarely.

Cases in the modeling industry are not going well. Models that come to us, telling that they barely. Naturally, you can earn more, but need communication and head on his shoulders.

Many go into the modeling business without knowing all its intricacies. Girls working in the women’s team, and this is just an explosion of brains.

Not all models are endowed with…

Not all models are endowed with intelligence, so in this community nervous system will not sweet.

Escort girls earn about 10 times more, and if, as they say, will hook the customer, it is possible and more. To this is added gifts, travel. Some people even give the apartment. Rarely, but it happens.

Girls escort is not only a beautiful life, but also work. Has to be done efficiently. Do not think that it can perform. If it is so, we shall bring you to the black list. Get out there you can only get three good reviews from other agencies.

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