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I am explaining the unspoken dating rules for women here. Women have some general rules that they should concern with these rules while they start dating. Everyone has different level of thinking so they might not take it seriously.

You may know have gone through the literature “The Rules” by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider about the dating rules which became bestsellers book in USA. And if not do not worry! I will explain you in details here.

When we grow up we should follow the dating rules that means up to 21 it is fine but you should be careful if you grow from this age. Though there are not predefined strict rules but some points will help you very much.

As there are not strict rules, the main thing one should not be puzzled with the dating art.

You can consider dating to be a long test of compatibility. If you find the perfect match, the rules seemed to be very supportive.

As we are social creatures, we have to be bounded with the rules and regulations of the society such as the way we behave in public, the way we talk to others and so on.

Here, I just want to say is when women date there is things that can help them to be more victorious. One should consider dating to be a game and there are rules for winning and losing.

Sometimes, you may need to change the rules if men are acquainted with your rules and if they try to overtake you.

Make the men keep on guessing your rules as they like to take challenges. You have to feel free to adjust the rules and you mad add some if you feel necessary.

Here I am listing out two types of online dating rules. Both of them have distinct set of laws that a woman should follow for the success date.

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General Rules for Dating

• Do not let your date know your income. All the time you should be looking great whatever may be your income. You may turn his head by gorgeous hair and wearing rags and some lipstick. Try to look your best as much you can manage.
• Do not tell the information that you don’t important to do so.
• Try to be maintained and involve in some gym or sports activities even if you don’t like. It will make your date to love your body also.
• Please do not sleep with the guy until you trust him, early sex at the beginning of dating may damage everything.
• Make you guy waiting and that is the identification of good women.
• Do not make you available whenever he wants. Do not call him often; let him call you by leaving a message. Do not let him to make the choice to choose the day for dating.
• You should ensure him that you are good kisser otherwise he may walk away. You may practice in mirror if you need to.
• Do not talk about your previous boyfriend and the romantic experience with him.
• You should not assume your date just by looking and wait to know him better.
• Do not speak about father and your family life.
• You should not mention him in early dates if you want child.
• Do not criticize his mother until you think of breakup.

Rules for escorts – online dating

• Wait until he comes to you.
• You have to block anyone who annoys you.
• You may present your sexiest photo in your profile.
• Be sure your login name seems too mysterious and sexy also.
• Do not remain online for hours, you may check in every hour.
• Never give your true email id or phone number to the men.
• If you are not interested in married men mention in your profile clearly.
• Do not try to catch hundreds of men online at the same time.

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